Unceasing Business Management Consulting

Constant management of Client’s financial department with strategic focus, including: supervision of operational personnel, establishment of controls and processes, development of customized reports to continuously monitor profitability and performance, validation of accounting statements, among others. Responsible and profitable business growth accomplished through permanent support to Top Management.

Business Plan

Business Plan elaboration with detailed assessment of a new product or a new venture financial feasibility. Development of a financial model to forecast cash flows and profitability based on estimated market share, and variable/fixed costs structure. Assessment of risks and opportunities given the assumptions used to forecast business future results such as macroeconomics, marketing, tax, and others.

Business Diagnostic

Assessment of current business financial position. Analysis of managerial reports and accounting statements to identify Global Profitability getting to detailed data such as profitability per product, service or area. Presentation of financial business performance to Top Managers and alignment of current results with expected outcomes. Proposal of strategic and operational actions to improve business management in alignment with planned objectives.

Strategic Planning

Joint task executed with Top Management to elaborate strategic vision and Mission of the Company. Identification of external and internal business strengthens and weaknesses, risks and opportunities. Establishment of medium and long terms strategic goals.

Financial Planning

Understand goals and key indicators of the business. Establish financial sources, expenditures, and financial cash flow for a balanced business operation. Develop tools to easily monitor financial performance. Construct scenarios using different economical and marketing assumptions to assess business resilience.

Profitability per employee

Development and monitor current profitability by employee using customized tools such as: time sheet per employee, per area, per client, per contracts and others. Establish goals and compensation system based on effective performance.


Establish business value of a specific company or project to corroborate: mergers, acquisitions and share trade. Methodologies to establish share value vary accordingly with shareholders’ objectives and available financial and marketing information. The most commonly used methodology is the Discounted Cash Flow.

Sustainability Indicators and GRI

Identify and establish sustainability key performance indicators that are relevant to the business and its stakeholders. Elaborate Sustainability report based on GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) methodology.